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4 Beaches Near Pattaya To Explore


One of the greatest tourist attractions in Pattaya are the many beaches that you can explore when you visit. You are likely to have a lot of fun visiting them as they have lots of activities going on and the weather in Pattaya always make your time there a worthy one. The fact that there are so many beaches you can visit in such a small area might make it daunting to figure out which ones to visit if you intend to have a good time. Fortunately, there are a few that have always proven to be favorites among many people, and which you should definitely visit for this reason. These include:


Pattaya Beach

Pattaya BeachThis is a beach that has become very popular with both tourists and natives alike due to the fact that it is always full of activity. During the day, you can visit it to soak up some sun and to also interact with some of the locals and other tourists. During the night, there are activities that are usually organized including beach parties, so you can also visit it during such hours if this appeals to you.


Jomtien Beach

This is a beach that is located a short distance from South Pattaya. The main selling points of the Jomtien beach is that it’s quieter and less congested than most other beaches in the region, making it ideal for people who want to enjoy the beach without too much jostling. You can take part in activities such as windsurfing as well here. The beach has numerous facilities providing excellent accommodation and catering.


Naklua Beach

One of the downsides of this beach is the fact that it has only a handful of restaurants and hotels. However, the advantage is that as a result, it provides more privacy than most of the other beaches ner Pattaya. That said, however, the few restaurants that are there provide some of the best fresh seafood in this part of Thailand, so it’s worth paying a visit.


Koh Lan

Koh LanThis is a coral island and an associated beach that makes up the typical beach scenery that most tourists are seeking for. The water is very clear, and the presence of the coral makes it an interesting place to do some scuba diving. You can also see the beautiful coral by snorkeling or taking a ride on one of the glass bottomed boats. This beach is located off the south of Pattaya, which makes it accessible by a ferry.

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