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Booking Car Hire in Thailand


Driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand is easier for Australians and British people as the Thais also drive on the left. It’s important to get a feel for the road if you intend staying in Thailand for some time. There are literally hundreds of thousands of motorbikes on Thailand’s roads so it’s very important to take them into consideration before getting behind the wheel. Motorbikes can come at you from all directions, overtaking on the left or right and zig zagging in and out of lanes. With this in mind it’s recommended to take a Thai driving test if you wish to stay in Thailand for more than six months so you are legally allowed to drive.

Get your rental car delivered to the airport

It’s not always easy to hire a minibus for airport transfers in Thailand compared to Australia or the UK. Taking this into consideration why not arrange to have a car rental delivered to the airport in time for your arrival? Car rental can be organised well in advance so a vehicle will be waiting for you once you have passed through passport control in Bangkok Airport. If you are travelling by domestic flight to Phuket for instance car hire can also be arranged from there.


Documents needed to hire a car


It’s essential to have the relevant documents with you for the purpose of hiring a car in Thailand. Make sure you have the following:-
Up to date and valid passport
Driving licence from your country of residence
The address of your hotel or where you are staying
Of course you will need to pay in advance, so remember to take the right amount of Thai baht with you before being able to rent a vehicle.


Tourist attractions near Bangkok Airport


Bangkok Sightseeing


There are plenty of tourist attractions within a two hour drive from Bangkok Airport. Why not jump into your hire car and take a drive to Hua Hin? It’s one of the country’s top destination hotspots with holidaymakersfrom all over the world including Thais who enjoy Hua Hin’s stunning beaches, boutique shops and lively night life. The historical city of Ayutthaya is only a one and a half hour drive from Bangkok Airport. It’s the ancient capital of Thailand which boasts fascinating temples like the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, magnificent ruins, grand palaces and museums.
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Michael Pietzak

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