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Car Review | Nissan Juke


Often dubbed the real-world version of the Qazana concept car, Nissan Juke is actually a high-riding hatchback with some neat SUV features. Its unique style along with the fact that it takes the notion of crossover to the next level make the Juke a highly affordable vehicle especially designed for younger drivers.




Nissan Juke Review by Pattaya Car 4 Rent'Design

While some appreciate Juke’s unique appearance, others believe that the design didn’t pass through any filters en route. Unique appearance in this case refers to the fact that nothing is what it seems. For instance, instead of the headlights you should expect to see sidelights and indicators, whereas the headlights were relocated in place of the front fog lights.

Moreover, what may appear as a sump guard is in fact a valance featuring three circular vents for cooling. Nevertheless, let’s not forget the Juke is a cross over vehicle and hence, it includes some really cool looking parts. To obtain the small frame of the car, engineers added deep flanks and large wheel arches.



The engine choice for Nissan Juke was a simple 1.6l petrol variant capable of 1,600 rpm, which drivers report is relatively loud at start-up. Then again, this is the type of engine that doesn’t force you to drive to life-threatening speeds in order to feel you’re getting somewhere. Furthermore, even if the torque is not impressive, you will be happy to learn that it’s barely noticeable if you throttle by selecting Sport via the Dynamic Control System.



Given the design and engine of the Nissan Juke, it is only normal that the engineers made the taut handling and the suspensions relatively stiff. Nonetheless, the wheelspin-controlling of the ESP system is what truly makes this vehicle fun to drive. Although rather heavy, you can actually feel how the Juke rapidly transfers its weight from one side to the other. As a result, you can perform all sorts of flicks and twists without experiencing instability.


The New Nissan JukeConsumption

Even though Nissan promised impressive economy and reduced emissions, in reality the consumption is only competitive with the class norm. On the Eco mode it yielded 46 mpg, while on the Standard mode it managed to achieve 41.1 mpg. By opting for the stop-start, you can even boost the fuel economy up to 48.7 mpg.


Verdict: To rent or not?

What makes Nissan Juke stand out in the crowd is that it’s actually quite fun to drive. Incorporating a bundle of useful features all packed in an appealing design, Juke will offer you a new and exquisite driving experience. If you’re looking for something different and entertaining, then don’t hesitate to rent a Juke!



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