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Bangkok an Pattaya are cities known for its lively nightlife and lots of tourist attractions. They are cities with lots of places to visit and a huge population and the growing number of tourists in the city, it is almost impossible for a foreigner to move around in Bangkok or Pattaya without using a car service. The easiest way to travel in Bangkok or Pattaya is by employing any of the cities car services such as rental cars with chauffeurs who know the nooks and crannies of the city.
Asides the BTS and MRT, using a taxi to get around in Bangkok is quite comfortable because most of the taxis in Bangkok are spacious and of different colors like pink, green and yellow, red and blue, bright orange and red. Bangkok taxi services don’t cost much but when it’s raining or during rush hour, the fares starts from 35 baht. Typical taxi fares in Bangkok cost as much as 50 baht for a few kilometers. In Pattaya the rates are a bit higher if not using the ”song taew” taxis wich is more like a shuttle route taxi that has to be shared with others.
Booking of car services in Bangkok or Pattaya is the best way to traverse the city because of their locally knowledgeable drivers who are available to facilitate your every demand. Hiring a rental car with a chauffeur, is a much easier way to tour the city compared to the taxi service because the chauffeurs speak English and have good knowledge of the streets. But in cases of taxi services in Bangkok ot Pattaya, the drivers do not speak much of English and they also don’t know all the streets of the city. Therefore to prevent getting lost, it is best you go around with a map written in their indigenous language to show the taxi drivers where you going to.
Car services in Bangkok or Pattaya are the most efficient, reliable and less expensive way to explore the city for foreigners.

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