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automobile-insuranceUnderstanding the Basics of your Pattaya Car Rental Invoice


Pattaya is an interesting place to be and you’ll have to book a rental car to enjoy your stay while at Pattaya. However, there’s more to car rental in Pattaya as you also have to consider making your payment with a company that renders a car hire in Pattaya. But just before you pay, you have to read and digest your car rental invoice carefully. This is important so as not to spend unnecessary time renting a car at Bangkok airport upon your arrival. (more…)

chatuchak-marketTourist Spots in Bangkok


Bangkok is a well-known cosmopolitan city; tourists visit frequently to explore its beautiful attractions. There are many tourist attraction sites in the city of Bangkok. Some of the popular tourist sites include Wat Pho, Chao Phraya River, Wat Phra Kaaew, and the Grand palace. Bangkok is only one and a half hours drive from Pattaya with great highway connections which makes it easy to drive there by your self. (more…)

pattaya_transport_servicesPattaya transport services


Car hire Pattaya or car rental Pattaya is the most easiest way to transport yourself from one location to the other without stress, or paying exorbitant fees. Have a safe and comfortable trip from your hotel to places in Pattaya with a professional chauffeur who will take you to every of your destination safe and sound. Cars used for car rental Pattaya are cars which in perfect condition and also air conditioned which would keep you relaxed and comfortable all through one of the heaviest traffic’s in the world. (more…)


We would like to thank Global Top Group


We would like to thank Global Top Group for posting the article “The Ten Best Weekend Driving Destinations From Pattaya” in which they very kindly mention Pattaya car4rent.

Please have a read of the article as it gives some really good tips and ideas for weekend driving trips.

If you need a vehicle for your mini break then Pattaya car4rent has all the answers to cover any of the suggestions mentioned.

car-servicesCar services in Bangkok


Bangkok an Pattaya are cities known for its lively nightlife and lots of tourist attractions. They are cities with lots of places to visit and a huge population and the growing number of tourists in the city, it is almost impossible for a foreigner to move around in Bangkok or Pattaya without using a car service. The easiest way to travel in Bangkok or Pattaya is by employing any of the cities car services such as rental cars with chauffeurs who know the nooks and crannies of the city. (more…)

common-attitudes-of-drivers-on-pattaya-roadsCommon Attitudes of Drivers on Pattaya Roads


On Pattaya roads, you are bound to encounter common attitudes of drivers in the city. This write-up highlights some of the common attitudes of Pattaya drivers, they include the following;
1. Pattaya drivers are known to flash their car headlights when they want to make a U-turn or while driving. In Pattaya, flashing a headlight means the driver would like to go first. This is in contrast to the usual polite gesture on the road in which drivers flash their car headlights to let you go first.
2. Expect to see anything or anyone crossing the roads in the city of Pattaya, this also includes the highways. Asides people, dogs, snakes, lizards, and cows have been spotted crossing the roads in the city. (more…)

car-insuranceAutomobile Insurance in Pattaya


Pattaya is known for its busy roads,the heavy traffic is one of the reasons why an automobile insurance is important in the city. An automobile insurance policy has been made compulsory for all drivers in Pattaya. Thus, drivers of car rental Pattaya companies, and car hire Pattaya services are unavoidably influenced by automobile insurance policies.
The 2 crucial concepts of automobile insurance in Pattaya include ‘excess’ and ‘deductibles’. Despite the fact that both concepts of automobile insurance policies differ, people tend to misconstrue and get confused. (more…)


Transportation in Pattaya


Pattaya is one of the cities known for traffic, this has led to the development of alternative modes of transportation.
Comfort and convenience is a key factor to consider prior to the selection of a particular mode of transportation in the city of Pattaya. This a major reason why most foreigners opt to enlist car hire Pattaya or car rental Pattaya services. Some foreigners prefer to drive themselves around while others prefer to hire a driver. Car hire Pattaya services provides a safe and comfortable means of transportation in Pattaya. Chauffeured driven vehicles have drivers that can communicate in English language, this eliminates worries about correctly interpreting road signs or finding a faster route. (more…)

drivingFacts about Driving In Pattaya


Pattaya is known for its huge traffic on almost every road. The city is always congested with traffic and this can make it difficult for foreign drivers to drive in the city. Most Pattaya drivers rarely use horns, they are generally courteous when driving on the road. The direction of traffic, exit and entry locations tend to change during the day in the city. Some of these changes are rarely given as cues to drivers, and if at all there are signs you still need to be well known with the city to understand where to go. Thus, foreign drivers are likely to get lost or miss their way in Pattaya due to the effect of strategies used to enforce the flow of traffic. However, there are a number of main roads in Pattaya that makes exit and entry into the city an easy task for foreign drivers. Important facts that foreigners must bear in mind while driving in Thailand include the following; (more…)

bkk-traffic-jamHow Can I Beat The Traffic Jam In Bangkok?


Bangkok is a city that is known for its high traffic jams. If you are a foreigner interested in visiting or spending a vacation in this city, it is important you brace yourself for it.

Prior to travelling to Bangkok, it is important you note down the particular period of time in which there’s a likelihood of a huge traffic congestion. There is an increased likelihood of a traffic congestion during morning rush hours (7.30am to 9.30am) and in the evening (4.30pm to 6.30pm). If you plan to travel during the rainy season, it is important you give yourself a head start of some hours, a traffic jam is inevitable during this season.


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