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Great places to drive your car in pattaya part 1


Pattaya posses (luckily that is) a lot more than the bars and massage parlours that quickly meet the eyes of visitors; especially if you have made the decision to rent a car  and explore the area on your own!


I mention that you should have a car before embarking in this exploration, because well… Pattaya is not exactly renowned for it efficient and effective public transport system (though that is now slowly changing thanks to services like  grabtaxi). If you are not ready to face the reckless songtel drivers or Smart enough to avoid inflated taxi prices, then rent a car and get inspired to explore Pattaya with these ideas:



 Sanctuary of truthStart your car tour at the Sanctuary of truth

A one of a kind type of building, this temple (which is still under construction and scheduled to be finish by 2050) is a remarkable piece of architecture that truly brings Buddhist and Hindu elements together in a magnificent way. Built entirely out of very intricate Wood-carvings (which interestingly enough includes the joints, meaning the building has no nails nor any other metal holding it together) the building stands at a height of 100 meters facing the ocean at the very end of Naklua soi 12.

The temple will provide you with the perfect opportunity to take amazing photos of great examples of traditional Buddhist art, you can also get the chance to see builders  (and if you are lucky so of the people in charge of carving the statues) working as they continue to build this amazing structure.
Be warned (but not surprised) when you get asked to pay an entrance fee before you come in into the building, but don’t forget you are directly paying for it to be maintained and constructed. If you have chosen to bring your newly rented car, you can start your tour here as the temple is not exactly located out side of the city.

Nonnuch gardenTake your rented car to Nonnuch garden


In case you are looking to see some pretty large botanical (and extremely decorative let me add) gardens, then you have come to the right spot! Nonuch gardens offers some very clear example of the patience and design work that Thai people are known for. As you enter the attraction, you will be greeted by thousands of different plant species complexly arranged to form some very striking landscaping designs.

Visitors will also get the chance to ride elephants in case they choose to, though I wouldn’t personally recommend it given the current practices within the elephant training world (ever Heard of elephant crushing? )Regardless, Nonnuch gardens is still an amazing sight for visitors to enjoy, you will get the chance to capture some really colourful moments while you wonder at the extremely detailed gardening work.



Michael Pietzak

Michael Pietzak

Providing great information on places to see in and around Pattaya.
Michael Pietzak
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