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bkk-traffic-jamHow Can I Beat The Traffic Jam In Bangkok?


Bangkok is a city that is known for its high traffic jams. If you are a foreigner interested in visiting or spending a vacation in this city, it is important you brace yourself for it.

Prior to travelling to Bangkok, it is important you note down the particular period of time in which there’s a likelihood of a huge traffic congestion. There is an increased likelihood of a traffic congestion during morning rush hours (7.30am to 9.30am) and in the evening (4.30pm to 6.30pm). If you plan to travel during the rainy season, it is important you give yourself a head start of some hours, a traffic jam is inevitable during this season.

Asides choosing the right time to travel, it is important to know your way around the city. This is where the importance of enlisting a reliable car rental Bangkok service comes to play. If you aren’t familiar with the roads in the city, it is best to rent a driver and a car to help you navigate during your stay in Bangkok. There are a number of car rental services in Bangkok that offer chauffeur driven services to foreigners. They have educated drivers that can speak fluently English language. The driver can also help you with interpretations if you have not hired a tour guide. Bangkok drivers know the ins and outs of the city, they know the fastest route to take to get you to your destination in time. For this reason, it is better to opt for chauffeur driven services if you plan to beat the traffic in Bangkok.

It is impossible to guarantee how much time it’ll take to drive through the busy roads of Bangkok, but you can improve your chances of running early by opting for a chauffeured driven car rental service.

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