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Pattaya Rental Car Trip Destination Ideas – Bangsaray


Many tourists and expats visit Pattaya for their beaches, nightlife, restaurants and water sports. The accommodation in Pattaya is also affordable which makes it an increasingly appealing holiday destination. Bangsaray is a tranquil fishing village located just 16km away from Pattaya. Bangsaray is a favourite spot for many individuals who prefer a calm and relaxing spot to spend their day. It is certainly a location worth visiting. Read on to find out about the different attractions that are located in this area!



seafoodSavour the freshest seafood

A fishing village by heart, villagers and fishermen of Bangsaray have access to the freshest source of seafood and it is no wonder why there are many seafood restaurants in this village. Bars and eateries litter the village and diners will be spoilt for choice!


Visit its beautiful beaches

Bangsaray has one of the cleanest and most pristine beaches anywhere in Thailand. This is because the Thai navy sends 100 recruits every week to clean up the beach. Locals have caught on to the practice and the beach has continued to shine ever since.


Spend time at the Bangsaray temple

Visitors, tourists and locals alike can visit the Bangsaray temple after they have strolled down the sparkling beach. The temple has tall roofs, beautifully decorated spires and is a sight to behold. The area has lush greenery and the scenic sight is sure to soothe any soul.


Hop on the floating market

Bangsaray has a floating market that is uniquely Thai. Entrance to the floating market is free of charge and visitors can purchase memorabilia from museums or grab some snacks from the various shops. The star of the market, is undoubtedly the peddlers who sell their produce on boats. Jump floating marketon to purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables or purchase a steaming hot bowl of pho at the end of the ride! This is an experience unlike any other. There are also bridges and lanes for individuals who prefer to walk on foot, as well as cultural shows and dance groups to admire at.


Have fun at the Cartoon Network Water Park

Parents can let their children enjoy themselves at the cartoon network water park which is a quick 5 minute drive from Bangsaray. It is a good way to spend some quality family time with your loved ones.

Travelling by foot from Pattaya to Bangsaray is unfeasible due to the long distance and getting a taxi service will be expensive and not easily available. Tourists and expats should definitely use a rental car to explore the area. Renting a car is cheap, comfortable and ensures that you will reach your destination safely and on time. It’s the adventurer’s preferred kind of touring Bangsaray and Pattaya!

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Michael Pietzak

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