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Pattaya Rental Car Trip Destination Ideas – Chonburi


It is not surprising that many people visit Pattaya for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and the abundant access to good food. Accommodation choices are also very affordable, and that draws the attention of both expats and tourists. Chonburi is a seaside town located about 54km away from Pattaya. Chonburi is very close to Pattaya and it receives its fair share of beautiful beaches. If you are staying at Pattaya, set aside a day and visit Chonburi. Read on to discover the several locations you can visit with your rented vehicle in Chonburi!


Sri Racha Tiger Zoo Sri Racha Tiger Zoo – Not your average zoo

From its name, you should know that the main attraction of the zoo is its tigers. Once you have paid the mandatory fees, you will be allowed to pet and feed the tigers in person. There are also other animals which you can see too. At most, you will be spending 1-2 hours or less for each visit, so take as many photos as you want before you leave!


Wihan Sian Temple – Look! There are dragons on the roof!

If visits to temples are your thing, consider going to Wihan Sian Temple. The temple is built in such an interesting way that it includes dragons (colourful ones) and other creatures that you may hear from Asian folklore and legends. It is believed that dragons of the temple have the power to repel evil spirits and ghosts.


Long Neck Karen Village

I bet you have at least seen a TV programme that has featured tribe ladies wearing multiple golden rings around their necks, as well as their other body parts. The ladies are from a tribe called “Long Neck Karen”. Their former home was in Myanmar, but now some of them have relocated to Chonburi. Don’t forget to buy some of their handmade crafts as souvenirs!


Sites that feature fusing architecture with gold

If you are into architecture that has been constructed with an Asian influence (Chinese styled), there are some areas in Chonburi houses the aforementioned. Usually, there are no entry fees and you can get in free. Most of these structures contain gold colours, but they are actually real gold! You are allowed to take photos at sites like these, so take the opportunity to capture every side of the architecture!


Million Years Stones ParkMillion Years Stones Park

The park that we are referring to is Million Years Stones Park. If you expect getting a hangover from the previous night, this is a suitable place you can visit the next day. It is a relaxing mini-zoo where you can walk around and take in the sights of interesting stone sculptures, as well as a close encounter with the crocodiles (at a safe distance). There are also monster-sized fishes in the ponds, and you can buy fish food to feed them.


Tourists and expats alike are recommended to travel around these places with a rented car. The distance you have to cover may be varying or even physically taxing. Hence, going for a car rental ensures that you get to where you need to be on time and it may shelter you from the elements. Most visitors who come to Pattaya and Chonburi shared that the first thing they do, and that is going to a car rental company!

Michael Pietzak

Michael Pietzak

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Michael Pietzak
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