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Pattaya Rental Car Trip Destination Ideas – Koh Sichang


Want to come to a place that is not too touristy and untouched by an overwhelming number of expats or backpackers? You may want to add Koh Sichang as a must-go destination on your next travel list, as well as a side destination when you visit Pattaya. Some people may confuse this location with Ko Chang, but they are totally different locations.

Since the location is close to Pattaya, it is a great trip destination for those with a rented auto. Because of its close proximity to the capital city (Bangkok has many attractions), the location is often overlooked by many tourists. Hence, if you plan to have a family outing on the weekends during your Pattaya trip, consider Koh Sichang! Below are a few places you can visit while you are here:

Haad Tham PhangHaad Tham Phang

Once you arrive there with your car rental vehicle, you can head down to their public beach if the weather conditions are suitable. This is a public beach and a mix of locals and tourists might share the beach with you. Since Thai locals tend to avoid the sun, you will be able benefit from not having to give up too much of your personal sand space!


Khao Yai Spirit Shrine

This is a shrine that is located in a Chinese temple, which can get really crowded during Chinese New Year. To get to this place, you will be picked up from a pier (placed to be stated in its respective brochure) free-of-charge. Enjoy panoramic views of the island as you climb 300 over steps to a viewpoint, which is built as a replica of Buddha’s footprint.


Wat Tham Yai Prik

Visitors, who wish to indulge themselves in less physically demanding activities, can head on down this temple. But because there aren’t a lot of things to do, you can walk around in a peaceful state of mind in this famous meditation temple, taking in the elements of a cultural experience.


Chong Khao Khad

It is also known as Chong Isariyapron, though most locals would just call it Chong Khao Khad. Tourists get to enjoy beautiful sceneries which are a far cry from the usual city views. The outlook of the sceneries starts to get interesting when the sun sets. If you want a clearer view of the turquoise sea, there is a small gazebo on a cliff that is easily accessible.


Phra Judhadhut PalacePhra Judhadhut Palace

The palace is located at the southern end of the island, and it is the former summer home of King Rama V. The palace is surrounded fountains, streams, well-maintained gardens and ponds and it is definitely a sight to behold. You may also choose to have a picnic in this location. Try not to wander off into the sheltered areas, as the view of the scenery may start to get obscured.


A rental car is a great mode of transport if you plan to visit this location as an expat or tourist.  Rental cars are very affordable, convenient and ensure that you get to your desired place of interest in a safe and efficient manner. First time visitors may wish to hire a local guide there, as there are interesting facts you can uncover about Thai culture and history in this region.

Michael Pietzak

Michael Pietzak

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Michael Pietzak
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