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Pattaya Rental Car Trip Destination Ideas – Samut Prakan


Pattaya is a haven for beach lovers or anyone who loves the outdoors, as well as the bustling scenes of nightlife. People who visit this location aim to party all night, leaving their troubles behind and get revitalized again before returning home. Samut Prakan is located about 125km away from Pattaya and visitors usually encounter minimal difficulties in reaching this location since it is almost a straight motorway drive from Pattaya. It is also very near other sights of Bangkok so it serves well as a first stop if you intend to tour Bangkok in your rental SUV or rental sedan. If you have marked Samut Prakan as one of your must-go places in your rental vehicle, read on to find out more on its places of interests!


Ancient CityAncient City

The gardens are beautifully landscaped and carefully constructed to mimic the shape of Thailand. Prominent and significant landmarks or monuments have been replaced with scaled replicas, to fit everything into a single location. There are over a hundred of these structures and some of them are a scaled representation of floating markets, temples, traditional pavilions, bell towers and even palaces! There is also a wide collection of displays which feature Thailand’s traditional artefacts and antiques. It is not surprising to see stuff such as old hunting equipment and rural arts.


Bangpu Recreation Centre

Planning to catch a sunset? This location is most beautiful when the sun sets. Traffic tends to get a little busy during the evenings as there are factories in the area. Locals love to come to this area to relax and just enjoy the cool sea breeze. If you get hungry, there are also inexpensive restaurants where you can dine in. That feeling when you dine in a cool open air area is something we all need once in a while.


The Vintage Club Golf Course

Whether you are coming alone or with business partners and family members, you can count on The Vintage Club to get your quick fix in sports activities. The golf course has a standard 18 holes, 72 pars and is 6,720 yards long. The course was designed by Arthur Hills, a world renowned golf course designer from America. Since this is a club house, you can expect other amenities such as spas, jacuzzis and massage parlours.


Wat AsokaramWat Asokaram

The shrine is considered to be relatively new, but it is located on the grounds of an ancient kingdom. When you travel to Wat Asok, you will most likely pass by a Gigantic Golden Standing Buddha and the Erawan Museum. The aforementioned are definitely a magnificent sight to behold! As you enter the compounds of the shrine, remember to follow the rules, as well as respecting the monks and other visitors.

The aforementioned locations feature a certain substantial distance from Pattaya, and one of the convenient ways to travel to each location is by renting a car. Car rental services are very efficient solutions for your road trips from Pattaya. They are able to ferry you to your desired location on time and in a safe manner. If you are coming with your family, a headcount of about 6 family members, an MPV rental is likely the better option for you.

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Michael Pietzak

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