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Toyota Fortuner Car Review


The Fortuner stirred quite a hype ever since its introduction in Thailand. In fact, Toyota decided that it won’t obey the norm and has incorporated a four-speed transmission for its automatic gearbox version. In 2014, the Fortuner received a makeover, mostly for its upholstery; it now features stylish black leather that matches the black-hued dashboard.


Toyota Fortuner Review by Pattaya Car 4 RentDesign

At first glance, Fortuner’s design seems very similar to that of its older sibling, Toyota Hilux. However, at a closer inspection, you will realize that the model has been altered and adapted, in order to make the vehicle suitable for the SUV market. Toyota engineers have done more than create a car for customers who wanted a more affordable vehicle within the luxurious Fortuner range. From adding headlight clusters that flank the grille to including a bulge for the bonnet and affixing a darkened centre section on the front bumper, the Fortuner is definitely a bold and aggressive presence on the road.


Incorporating a 2.5l diesel engine, the Fortuner can output the same amount of torque as the 3.0 D-4D. In addition, the engine has been fitted with a variable nozzle turbo charger, an intercooler and a direct fuel injection system. Even though it has been argued that the engine is less powerful than the 3.0 D-4D – an aspect you can sometimes feel when pulling away – the setback was remedied with the introduction of the four-speed transmission. Therefore, rest assured that you can get around with little effort in the Fortuner both on the highway and in the city limits.


The 17-inch rubber rims ensure a smooth driving and handling, even if the Fortuner can be classified as an SUV.  While it does convey the impression it can’t roll too much in corners, drivers claim the vehicle is guaranteed to offer a comfortable ride on dirt roads. You will be happy to learn that the recent modifications performed to the floor plan did not only enhance comfort, but has also reduced noise and vibrations levels considerably.

Toyota New Fortuner 2014 in ThailandConsumption

Although an SUV-class vehicle, the Fortuner delivers decent fuel economy in the city and on the highway. To be more precise, the vehicle confers around 15.3 km/l on the highway and 8.8 km/l in the city.


Verdict: To rent or not?

If you’re looking for a vehicle with off-road capabilities as well as loads of space, clearance and seating, then Fortuner is the right car to rent. Featuring a sleek black leather interior, the Fortuner is one of the automobiles guaranteed to provide you with a memorable driving experience on all types of terrains.




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