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Toyota Vios Car Review 


In spite of the fact that Vios is Toyota’s smallest sedan, a close look at volume sales reveals that this flashy car stirred up quite a buzz in the Thailand’s car market. The closest thing to the perfect combination of practical and stylish driving, Vios stands out through its intelligent design as well as the spaciousness and comfort it offers.

Toyota Vios Review by Pattaya Car 4 RentDesign

Unlike the first generation of Vios launched in 2002, the new variant comes in a completely new design, stretched into a long and eye-catching sedan. The front and rear motifs with chrome accents along with subtle bubbles on the roof and the strong dual shoulder lines surely make Vios one of the best Toyota designs out there.

Even though the interior is made mostly of plastic, Vios compensates with the revamped central gauge, which has been relocated behind the steering wheel and replaced with a three-binnacle gauge. It’s no wonder that Toyota fans have even pointed out that the new Vios is one of the boldest and most aggressive designs yet for the Japanese automaker.



The 1.5l engine performs decently for daily driving purposes. Although there have been some complaints regarding the gearshift, the truth is that the flexible power band makes this action easier. The twin-cam, 107 horsepower engine has been paired with a four-speed transmission, which doesn’t make much sense at first. However, Toyota decided not to upgrade Vios’ core primarily because the transmission and engine constitute a perfect combo exactly as they are now.



In addition to the sleek design, Vios also got a firmer suspension that makes it even more reliable than before. While it is true that Vios could have benefited from better tires and a more sensitive electric steering system, you will be happy to learn that the new variant doesn’t bottom down as the older version.


New Toyota Vios 2014Consumption

Without engaging in any complex moves, you should expect Vios to consume up to 20 km/l on the highway and only 14 km/l in mixed driving. As far as fuel consumption in the city is concerned, tests indicate an average of 8.8 km/l, a value that is rather big for a sedan. Nevertheless, it is said that the fuel economy for Vios will improve substantially after the first 5,000 km.


Verdict: To rent or not?

If you’re travelling for business purposes very often, then Toyota Vios is one of your best car rental options. Not only will you be driving in style, but rest assured you’ll be making a smart economical choice with the Vios!



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