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Pattaya is one of the cities known for traffic, this has led to the development of alternative modes of transportation.
Comfort and convenience is a key factor to consider prior to the selection of a particular mode of transportation in the city of Pattaya. This a major reason why most foreigners opt to enlist car hire Pattaya or car rental Pattaya services. Some foreigners prefer to drive themselves around while others prefer to hire a driver. Car hire Pattaya services provides a safe and comfortable means of transportation in Pattaya. Chauffeured driven vehicles have drivers that can communicate in English language, this eliminates worries about correctly interpreting road signs or finding a faster route.

There is a long list of international car hire Pattaya companies that offer quality services to clients at competitive prices. The price range of rental rates in the city of Pattaya lies between B. 9,000 to 20,000 weekly and B. 1,500 to 15,000 daily. The exact rental rate varies in different car rental Pattaya companies, most often the rental rate is dependent on the brand of the car chosen by the client. The rental rates for car hire Pattaya services with drivers also varies.

Foreigners that will love to drive themselves in the city of Bangkok must be at least 21, also ensure that you have a valid driver’s license or permit that is translated into English language.

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