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automobile-insuranceUnderstanding the Basics of your Pattaya Car Rental Invoice


Pattaya is an interesting place to be and you’ll have to book a rental car to enjoy your stay while at Pattaya. However, there’s more to car rental in Pattaya as you also have to consider making your payment with a company that renders a car hire in Pattaya. But just before you pay, you have to read and digest your car rental invoice carefully. This is important so as not to spend unnecessary time renting a car at Bangkok airport upon your arrival.
Here are some useful tips that will make it easier for you to comprehend your invoice with regards to car rental in Pattaya. You have to get accustomed to the following terms;
1. Vehicle Registration Recovery (VRR): This recovery reinstates the car hire company for Vehicle Registration and Mandatory 3rd Party Insurance imposed by the authorities. It is charged per day and is applicable to all Pattaya car rental days (even if you make use of the rental car for just a few hours).
2. Admin Recovery: This refers to the administrative responsibilities undertaken on your behalf with respect to your car rental.
3. Location Fee: This is applicable when the client collects the vehicle from the airport (a premium) location or other downtown areas. This charge is location-dependent and is imposed as a percentage of other fees as revealed in your car rental record.
4. Fuel Service: This gives you comfortable options for replacing your consumed fuel upon pick up.
5. Fuel Purchase Options: This allows you to purchase fuel in advance with a discount (in certain locations) while your car rental lasts.
6. Credit Card Surcharge: This applies to car rentals that are paid with credit cards.
7. Accidental Excess Reduction (AER): Apart from the maximum cover which completely nullifies accidental damages, there’s also the AER which reduces the amount that a client is liable to pay for damages to a rented car.

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