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Where to drive your new  rental bike fast and safe?


Under no circumstances are we encouraging people to go crazy and drive fast on their newly hired sport bikes, but since you are going to do it anyway (and given you will be renting from us at Pattaya car 4 rent) we rather you do it in the safest possible way. Now, beware there are traffic laws in Thailand and that you should always be respectful and cautious, but if you are renting a 1000cc bike in Pattaya then we are going to assume you are (and will) take certain risks, we would like to minimize that. For all your speed demons out there, here are some tips as to where to find the emptiest roads top make that metal rumble:


Sukunvit after midnightSukunvit after midnight

The big ol’ Sukunvit, anything after the South Pattaya intersection all the way down towards Rayong tend to be quite empty and straight for you to test your bike’s speed. After South Pattaya you can make sure you avoid all the city’s traffic as well as to ensure a better road conditions (compared to the stretch of road between north and central Pattaya which truly sucks). If you ever find yourself there after midnight you will notice the traffic is almost inexistent, which will give you the freedom you seek to really push your machine in the safest way possible. Once you get bored you can simply U turn and do it all again as you head back to the city, easy!


Jomtien sai 2


This is one of the biggest and newest streets in Pattaya, it is also rather large and with very little traffic (almost inexistent past midnight). The fact lights have been popping up in all its length also makes it one of the safest spots in the whole city to try you bike’s power. Do beware of the occasional soi dog crossing the street and the few intersections that cross it, but generally these crossing points also have very little traffic, so exercise some precaution as you approach them, but other than that you should be quite safe!


Maprachan lake curvesAround the Maprachan lake curves


There’s a huge network of roads around the maprachan lake which are rather convenient for boke riders, they tend to be in a good condition and empty (generally at night, especially after midnight and later in the night). Ideally you can go through Siam Country club road until you see the lake, there you can follow the lake until you hit the highway, from there you can take a left which will bring you to the beginning of Sukunvit, from there you can choose to ride the sukunvit road all the way down until you get tired or, go back around for another attempt at the lake road! Also, do feel free to explore around the curvy paths around the lake, there more than one option to reach the highway 36.


And there you are! Hope you can find the information above useful, do lets us know if you know any other cool roads to enjoy your sports bike around Pattaya!
Don’t forget to always keep an eye out for those soi dogs and reckless drivers, keep it safe and enjoy yourself! You can check out the motorbike models ,we offer at Pattaya Car for rent

Michael Pietzak

Michael Pietzak

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Michael Pietzak
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